Enjoying my Sunday Afternoon

Enjoying my Sunday afternoon; lunch date with my hubby; mastering this amazing gluten free, egg free, dairy free chocolate cake sweetened with coconut sugar! Now that is worth celebrating! Relaxing while crocheting my next project, which is almost complete. In all the peace and spacious landscape of my mind I keep being drawn back to pray for some wonderful people I met over the past two weekends. They are all so beautiful in their individuality; yet knit together as a body, serving one another.  I heard stories of heartbreak and struggle as we ministered in prayer yet all week I keep seeing pictures of them not in their struggle but in their place of victory in Christ. Where would we be without the body of Christ to spur each other on? I have come to love these people in a way I could not apart from Christ, a connection that comes through the Spirit of the Living God.

This part of the greater body worships at Church on Oxford Hill. This was the church I was born into and attended until I was 10. They welcomed my birth in the physical almost 45 years ago. Ironically, after leaving this church to attend Cedar Grove for 35 years, I was welcomed back to birth a ministry in the Spiritual. While driving home last Sunday after preaching I had this funny picture of the Church on Oxford Hill as a midwife. They welcomed the birth of One Touch Ministries, and they certainly didn’t fear any mess that could come with the birth. I am so grateful for the ways in which God works, so perfect, so timely.

I pray there will be a day that we can meet again and love on each other. I thank God for you, your leadership, and your heart! May you know the abundant blessings of the Father! Thank you for catching this baby with such care and tenderness! God knew who the Spiritual parents needed to be. 

Gretchen Teerling