Our Story

The idea for One Touch Ministries began years back when the Holy Spirit asked me one day if I believed God could bring healing with one touch of His hand. It seemed like a very random question, and at that point in my journey I did not know what I believed about healing. I began to have visions from the Holy Spirit, of God encountering people, setting them free from emotional, physical and spiritual bondage. The name 'One Touch' was impressed deeply upon me, with the idea that one day it would become a ministry. But God also told me I was not to make it happen, that He would open doors at the right time. So for years we prayed, and waited. 

Over the course of these 15 or so years, I was on staff at a church. I was growing in my own personal healing journey, finding deliverance, and having powerful encounters with the love of Christ and with the Holy Spirit. I began to see God heal individuals of various health issues, ranging from warts to cancer, as we prayed for people. We saw countless people healed of emotional wounds, abuse and trauma by the love of God. I began to see God deliver people from the demonic, through the name of Jesus Christ. 

Then in 2015 God opened the door for the start of One Touch Ministries. Another church invited me to hold a conference at their church. This was something I had never done before, and did not have it on my mind to do, so this invitation came as quite a shock, and I realized that after so many years of prayer, God was making it happen just as He said He would. Since that time, ministry has changed. I am no longer meeting with people one on one, but instead God has opened doors for preaching and teaching with corporate opportunities for healing prayer. We have an amazing team of people, most of which we have done life with for many years. They are passionate about praying healing for people, and seeing individuals come into the fullness of who they are in Jesus Christ. 

One year after our first conference that same church called me to come on as their associate Pastor. This meant leaving the church I had been a part of for 36 years. These last three plus years have come with so much joy, and growth as we seek to follow the Holy Spirit's leading. My home church, The Church on Oxford Hill, gives blessing and covering for One Touch to minister beyond our local church.

We serve an amazing God who loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins. We can know the forgiveness of our sins when we believe in who He is, receive all He has died to give us, and accept Him as Lord of our lives. His desire is to transform and restore us out of our sin, and back into our original design as image bearers of God. We come into a place of peace and joy as we behold Him and turn our affection towards Him. Our primary mission is to make Jesus Christ known and to share His love. 

Gretchen Teerling - Founder of One Touch Ministries

Gretchen Teerling - Founder of One Touch Ministries