Take Every Opportunity

I came home from church last Sunday with a memory and a moment that I have thought about many times throughout this past week. It was not just an ordinary moment. There was something very special about it, which is why it wouldn't leave my mind. There was a connection that instantly went below surface talk, right to the heart.
Right in the middle of the foyer was a man in a wheel chair, just sitting there. He was, at that moment, unnoticed by those standing around him. The instant I saw him my heart was filled with so much compassion. I took the opportunity to walk over to express the love and compassion that was stirring within me.
The moment was rather special, as noise and people surrounded us; we were in our own little bubble as we shared some words and prayers, words that brought tears to both of our eyes.
Today I opened Facebook and found out he passed away this morning. I was in total shock to hear of this loss. Then I thought, Wow, I am so glad I took the opportunity to talk and pray with him last Sunday. I was so grateful that I didn’t miss out on that moment.

We never know what a day will bring. We never know the last moment we may see someone. It has made me think today about the kind of mark we leave upon someone when we have an interaction. Do we leave an aroma of grace and unconditional love? Do we leave words that bring life and encouragement? Do we leave a touch that lets someone know they are special and valued?
I am afraid to say that too many times we miss the opportunities to do just that. I know I do. Or even worse we leave a mark with words or actions that wound or destroy, instead of words that call someone to be greater. We can be so focused on where we are going, and what we have to do that we miss the most tender and important moments that actually leave a breath of fresh air upon one’s soul.
For Max, I am grateful that he has seen our Savior, face to face today. Max left a mark and it was a good mark. He was a gentle man who loved, he wanted others to feel welcome, and he extended a touch. He took the time to look people in the eyes, so they would know they were seen and valued.

Tomorrow I want to wake up and intentionally keep watch for opportunities to love those around me, to look someone in the eye, to speak words that will lift someone up. Our souls crave words of life and love. Let’s be people who leave the fresh breeze of the Spirit’s love upon someone’s life.