Sustaining Grace to Obey

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2 Peter 1:3

“His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”

When I wrestle to obey God it reveals the overflow of doubt stored within my heart. What do I doubt about God when I struggle to obey His instruction in my life?

From the very beginning Adam and Eve doubted God’s instruction. They chose disbelief. We often think the act of eating the apple was the sin, but a belief had to spur on the action. They put more faith in the words of the enemy then in the words of God.

The Lord has been putting His finger on something in my life, and it is no longer a mere suggestion, but a call to obedience. Why was I so stubborn to obey? Why did I allow thoughts like, “can this really be God asking me to give this up?” The answer to the ‘why’ lies within my unbelief! I have been choosing unbelief in regards to His goodness.

When God asks me to give something up, it may be for a season, or for my life, depending on the level of dependence I have placed in that object. Beyond His moral will that is stated within His Word, that we should all come to obey, He may convict me of something that He does not convict another of. Regardless of how long the season of letting go may be, today I am choosing to believe that God’s instruction and invitation to obey is actually for my best. That obedience to His instruction will only increase satisfaction in my life, not rob me of it.  

He is not a Father that would leave me to strive and struggle in my efforts to obey. God actually equips me through the power of His Spirit to let go of that which does not bring me life. There is a grace that comes upon us when we say, “YES Lord!”

Where He convicts me, He will sustain me!


Gretchen TeerlingComment