You have made me a better person!

You have made me a better person.png

While flying to our destination, unable to sleep, I had plenty of time to ponder how grateful I was for the man sitting next to me, and all the things I have learned in our 28 years of our marriage. Our marriage has had its ups and downs, like any marriage, but I look back now so thankful that neither of us gave up along the way.  Most importantly God did not give up on us, and He saw us through some fairly stormy seasons. God never ceases to find delight in touching our brokenness with His grace.

When we were newlyweds I never took the time to consider how a marital relationship could help one to become a better and more balanced person. Although I would like to say I was mature during the honeymoon stage, the truth is, my unspoken expectations were all about how the marriage could serve me, instead of change me or grow me! It took me a lot of years to recognize, and receive how our differences could actually become huge strengths.

What a huge gift it is to realize the value of our spouse and all they have to offer. Receiving this gift is not always easy though as it takes humility to recognize my way is not necessarily the right way. Yet life will become fuller when we allow them to sharpen our character, and challenge our perceptions. A marriage that allows iron to sharpen iron will be the better for it. When I was pondering the growth in my own life over the years there is so much that has been touched and influenced by the strengths of my husband. His impact has made me a better person!